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mysomjobs.com is not a recruitment agency. We do not conduct interviews on behalf of our clients/subscribers; neither do we meet jobseekers for any reasons related to employment by any of our clients/subscribers.
mysomjobs.com as an organization and even the staff cannot influence the fate of your application. Upon submission of the job application the power is solely in the hands of the recruiter, mysomjobs.com does not involve itself in the recruitment process and neither can it advise the recruiter who to employ or call for interviews.
mysomjobs.com offers services that facilitate applications for employment. We do not offer employment to jobseekers; neither do we guarantee that one will get employed for a job they have applied for. mysomjobs.com’s sole purpose is to advertise jobs and manage responses for our clients/subscribers on the website.
All jobs on our website are advertised by our clients/subscribers as per the instructions found at the bottom of the full "Advert Details" page. One cannot apply for a job by just sending their CV to mysomjobs.com
All mysomjobs.com services that involve applications for employment are free of charge. Certain supplementary products and services may attract a transaction fee that is payable at the execution of the transaction. Your telephone or Cellular Service Provider will charge all telephone calls that you make to mysomjobs.com's telephony based facilities at their normal rates.